JM4 Dimensions: D.R.A.W. Academy (Session 2)

Grow Your Confidence and Transform Your Firearms Training Experience

JM4 Dimensions is proud to offer the complete D.R.A.W. Academy (Level 1) training as a hybrid online/in-person training program.

D.R.A.W. Academy was created to bring science-based, next-generation training to the civilian market.

This proven system has been producing unprecedented results in the law enforcement world for over 5 years, and is guaranteed to move you from tradition to transformation.

"A new standard in firearms training!"

"I went hoping to learn not only how to be a better instructor but also a better shooter. The D.R.A.W. Academy Training did not disappoint! I walked away excited about what I learned, yet disappointed when it was over; I wish it was longer. I tried the D.R.A.W. Grip "interface” and the results proved the D.R.A.W. Method really works!"

Susan A.


D.R.A.W. Academy is delivered over THREE separate classes, and combines classroom training, instructor-led virtual range exercises, live-fire skills assessments, and at-home dry practice.

Session Two is a 4-hour (IN-PERSON) class that covers the foundations of firearms training; specifically, the D.R.A.W. Academy training program.

In this class, we cover:

  • Reloading your firearm (tactical and emergency procedures)
  • Keeping your gun running in both static and dynamic circumstances
  • Dynamic movement and engagement
  • And much more!

Whether you are an experienced shooter or brand new to handguns, we will walk you through a proven process that will fundamentally transform your firearms proficiency, accuracy, and speed.


    • How to correctly balance your body when shooting.
    • How to use the unique aspects of your body to help you shoot faster and more accurate.
    • The science behind recoil energy and the difference between recoil mitigation and recoil control!
    • Grip vs. Interface: How to become one with firearm
    • The D.R.A.W. Grip and Stance
    • Presentation from Concealment and/or Holster
    • The Draw Sequence (both one and two handed)
    • Faster sight alignment! How to align your sights without even looking at them!
    • How to increase your accuracy and confidently place your shots
    • How to keep your gun running in tactical situations
    • Advanced techniques used by law enforcement and military specialists

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